'Clutter' is defined as a state of untidiness.
Most of us are in that state at sometime or another. Some of us, however, do not seem to be able to rationalise let alone organise this state!

Frustrated at not being able to find things?
Do you find the lack of clear space irritating?
Do you find it embarrassing to invite people to your home because of the state it is in?
Do you find it difficult to throw things away ‘just in case you might need them again’?
Have your wardrobe and drawers become full of out of date clothes that you just cannot part with?
Are you simply living in a mess?
Are you planning to move and do not want to take the contents of the garage, attic and cupboards with you?
Do you want a fresh and clutter-free start in your new home?
Has someone close to you died recently and you don't know where and how to start clearing their house?........ read more

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